Early Poptropica Guide

Guide Written By Purplering.

First arrive there if you have not. Next, go to Early Poptropica (all the way right). To be sure you are there everything is pixelated. Now, you go all the way right until you see a well without a bucket. Go down there. Once you are down slide down the rope and go left until you are on the other side. From there, you go up until you see a glow stick, pick that up.

Now you will have a “Glow Stick” in your items/inventory. From where you are at go back up. Now you’re back at the pixel place, from there go to Main Street. In Main Street there will be a hole next to the Pop Art Museum. Go Down there. From there go all the way down (Watch out for spiders..Especially the large one at the bottom). When you are down there go right and you’ll see a pixelated pig, pick that up.

Now drop to the bottom and go left. When you reach there go left and climb up the first rope you see. Slide left and walk all the way left until you see another rope, go up that. When your up go right and climb up the first rope you see. slide right and get the Golden Egg.

From there slide to the left and climb up the rope, turn right after that. Now there will be a wall blocking you and a rope above you, climb up on that. Go all the way right and climb up the LAST rope. Go left and climb up the rope above you, you should be here:

Go up. Now you are in a town. From there climb up the brown building to you left. Once you are at the top make a big jump left and you should be here:

Jump on the ledge of the blue building and go up from there. When you are at the top climb up the vine. Cloud Kingdom! Now go right until you see a giant Giant and click on him.you will give him the Golden Egg and he’ll let you pass. Keep going right and you’ll see some veggies…right you go until you see a bucket that is pixelated.

Pick that up.

Keep going right until you see like a junkyard of stuff going on the fans to boost you up and keep going right. When you see this:

Pick up the jet pack. Now that you have a jet pack you can get the flag, to get the flag go back to Main Street. Once you’re there go to the big water tower next to the Arcade and fly up until you see a little pixelated flag. Once you got the flag, return back to Early Poptropica and give all the items back to the right people. When all the items are returned go left and you’ll see a man on a boat. When you talk to the man he will give you a golden medallion.


Yay! You have just completed Early Poptropica Island!

And credited 100 credits!




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