Reality TV Island Guide

First arrive at Reality TV Island if you have not already. Run over to Mike’s Market and enter. Go right and you’ll see a Fresh Donuts sign…and a man reading a blue magazine.

After you find him talk to the guy, he will say: “Reality TV Island is on in less than 24 hours, I gotta go!” In a rush he drops his magazine, which you obtain a “Tabloid” in you inventory.

In your inventory click “examine” on the Tabloid. Flip a couple of pages over until you see this one:

Click on the blue card and that will be in your inventory. After this leave Mike’s Market and go left until you see the “The Wayside Motel“. Enter the Motel Office and go right until you see little pens with red caps in a cup. Click on it to obtain a pen to fill out the “Application”(The blue card).When you have done that click on the phone and call 555-7383 (“555-Pete” as seen in the magazine.

Once you’ve pressed the call button there’ll be some talking then the person will ask “What room?” (or something like that) and then you’ll say 4B. (Bucky’s Motel room.)After that, exit and you’ll see a girl who forgot what room to deliver to. Then you’ll have the pizza in your hands. (awesome time for costume collector)Deliver the pizza to 4B.

Go inside and go all the way to the right until you see a man (It’s Bucky Lucas!) click on him.

He’ll say “Finally, it took you guys forever!”  or something like that. Your character then will have 3 bubbles over their head, click on on the last bubble. After he talks to you he will give you a postal stamp that you use to mail in the application. In you Items/Inventory go to the postage stamp and click “Use”.

The Postage Stamp will be on the application. Another thing you’ll have to do before mailing is while you’re still in your inventory click on the application and fill it out. But wait! Where will we send it to? Exit the room 4B and go to “TV World”.

(Wow, Mid-blink is so hard to get..)

Once you’re in there click on any TV to change the channel. The Reality TV Island commercial will go on and tell you to send the application to 123 Star Avenue Hollywood. (This will already be filled out in the form.)

Yay! Now you mail in the application in the mailbox just outside of TV World.

The Next Day….

Woot! You made it on Reality TV Island! From where you’re at got to the helicopter and Start the Show!

The Show.

You don’t have to win all of them, but winning is good to make sure you’re not going to be voted off. (by don’t have to win all of them i mean stay in the game and win in final two.)

Game challenge help

Basically Aim further you think the 20 is.

Not so hard, just catch fish before anyone else.

Rapidly click (Don’t click yourself, it slows you down)

Aim about further than halfway to get the bottom plates and all the way to the corner (or more) for the upper plates.

Keep balanced!


Yay! You have completed Reality TV Island!

100 credits has just been added!



  1. My first guide…Did you guys like it?

  2. This really helped me a lot! Thanks so much!

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