Shark Tooth Island Guide

First arrive at Shark Tooth Island if you haven’t already. Once you’re there click on the guy that has sharks all over him.

Once you’ve done that you’ll have a shark fin which you can wear (Please note you do not have to wear the fin.). After that go right to the person selling “Carbonated Coconut Milk”, click on him and then you will get Milk.

Now you keep going right until you see a sign that says: “Ancient Ruins”

Journal Page

(Watch out for coconuts, they will make you fall back.) Once you are in Ancient Ruins keep going right until you see a big white block. Push the block under a green vine which you’ll see at the top of the screen. When you do that jump on the block and climb the vine, then slide right on to the platform and jump on the one above you. Once you have done that take a big jump left and go left more until you see a little piece of paper. Pick that up.

You earned a “Translation Key”!

Now jump off the roof and enter the temple (the room beneath you.)In the temple you are on a little gray platform. Go all the way to the bottom and jump on the wooden floating platforms. Go left until you see a wall and jump on the other side.(Warning Bats make you fall back). Keep going left until you reach a platform above you, jump on that. From there keep on going up. Once you’re all the way up jump to the left and you should be here:

From there enter in the code “OPEN” and press the little triangle. When his eyes are green it is correct, when his eyes are red it is incorrect. Continue left.


Once you are there go down to the bottom and swim leftwards until you see a giant statue shark. There climb the shark up but don’t get hit by the caterpillar. Once you’re at the top go on the swinging platform and jump the left, from there go down. When you are down swim left and jump on the ledge, go left and pick up the “Old Bone.”

Now we go to the closest log to you and above that should be platform that you jump on. Now jump on the shark and jump on the swinging platform from there jump left and keep going up until there is no platforms to jump on. From there jump to the left again to be on a wall with spikes.

Jump on the platform (It’s moving so watch out) Keep moving left and jump to the other side. Go left again.

Treasure Room

Once you’re in the room, go on the vine and slide all the way down. There you’ll see walls of pictures on how to make a shark sleep. Keep going left. Now you’ll see a bowl of green stuff and collect that.

And now you have the “Key Ingredient”! From there go up the vine and slide left to go up again. You should be on Main Street now.

Medicine Man

From Main Street go back to the Ancient Ruins. From the Ancient Ruins go right until you see a sign that says “Booga Bay” go there. When you’re there talk to the guy with the Grass Skirt stand,he will then give you a “Grass Skirt” which you HAVE to put on.

And now go back to the Ancient Ruins and move the block under the vine and go ALL the way up now. Still going up…until you see a guy like this:

Talk to him. He’ll put all the ingredients into a pot and use the Old Bone to stir it. Now you’ll have a “Calming Potion”. From there go all the way to Booga Bay and swim all the way left until you see a sign that says: “Feed the Shark” Click on the sign. Now you’re at this screen:

Now click anywhere in the water or air to feed the shark. Once you’ve fed him the Calming Potion click the Back button and swim all the way right. Once you’re there you should be on an island with a old man and a young boy.

Talk to the Old Man, he will say some words and that if you can lead him and the boy back to the Mainland. Now they are going to follow you around…so go back left..A lady then will say “You’ve saved my son. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” After that the Man will give you a medallion.


Yay! You have finished Shark Tooth Island

And been credited with 100 poptropica credits!


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